What’s Made Ayana (A Vegan Restaurant in Israel) Instantly Successful!

After hearing so much praise of Ayana, a 100% vegan restaurant in Israel (in Petach Tikva), I couldn’t wait to to land in Israel to try it! I went there twice because my tummy doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate in one go, all the foods I wanted to show you here on this blog post.  I dined with my mum the first time and the second time I went with Jon. What I was most excited about, apart from being giddy knowing…

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A Taste of Vegan Gourmet in Tel Aviv | Miss Kaplan

I had heard lots of praise regarding the vegan scene in Tel-Aviv, Israel’s vegan capital, but I hadn’t imagined just how vegan-friendly and accessible this city had become until I landed here for a visit a month ago. Not only do all the major café chains have entirely separate vegan menus, or menus rich with plant-based dishes clearly marked for easy identification, there’s also a promising and exponential growth in the number of vegan-friendly and fully plant-based restaurants, especially in Tel Aviv.…

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Vegan Food at ‘Veggie Bean’ Vegetarian Café | Koh Samui

After two months in Koh Samui, Thailand, we’re already feeling withdrawal symptoms from Thai food. Don’t get me wrong, the food has been lovely, very simple, fresh delicious and healthy. But both Jon and I were in need of something different and a little change in flavours. So we didn’t hesitate to jump on a songthaew (a pick-up) and find our heart’s desire. Veggie Bean–Homemade vegetarian café–hit that spot and we were so grateful to find it! Situated in Chaweng Noi, on the Ring…

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