Who doesn’t want to be fit? We all do because it’s healthy, it’s fun and it invigorates us by pumping substances into our blood stream which cause a high type of sensation and makes us feel our own strengths and powers.  So what’s the problem? It’s not always easy staying on “fit-track” when day to day life happens.  🙄

Here are 10 pointers which push me to stay on fit-track:

  1. I’ve found an activity which I enjoy and I know I can enjoy for a long stretch of time. My activity is weight lifting, but each person has their own passions. Some people like to be in solitude while training and others like the socializing aspect of it more. There’s a physical activity to cater for each of those needs from competitive and non-competitive group sports like rowing, dancing, ice-hockey etc. to more solo activities like swimming. Some can also be executed both with friends or in solitude: power walking or jogging, weight lifting, cycling etc. Finding what activities excite me is important for my motivation.
  2. Mixing it up. I find I get bored easily so I need a change every once in a while. The change will either be in the kind of activity I do, like incorporating some cardio or HIIT into my weight lifting routine. It could also be incorporated by changing the surroundings- if I usually train in the gym, sometimes I’ll have a workout outdoors. Finding different fitness buddies can also be good for keeping the fitness routine interesting, especially if they’re funny and motivated. 😀 Last but not least: changing my workout plan within a certain activity; for instance, focusing on certain body parts vs full body workouts and vice versa.
  3. Not every day has to be a “killer workout day”. Sometimes knowing that today I’ll be working out for a shorter stretch or even engaging in a lower intensity level, helps me feel more motivated to actually engage in it. Whereas if I have my mind set on a very intensive workout, I might end up not doing it at all if I don’t have the mental-emotional capacity for it that day. Something is better than nothing. What’s important is being consistent!
  4. Being attentive to my mind and body and being mentally flexible for change. If I start feeling persistent pain from a certain exercise I’m doing, I change it. There’s no need for me to stubbornly continue engaging in something that might be harming me. I’ll seek professional and/or medical advice and either change my routine or give myself some rest. I prefer resting 2-3 days and then returning to full power rather than sticking to something that might lead to injury, causing me to be inactive for months!
  5. Monthly goals. When I set monthly goals, it’s easier for me to stay on fit-track. It increases my motivation knowing I’m working towards something and when I attain that goal, I feel so good! The goals can be in weight or fat loss, they can be in the amount of weights I lift in different exercises or they can be in different visible results I want to see like muscle formation. When I reach those goals, the feeling is indescribable  😀
  6. Finding several fitness and lifestyle role-models has helped me focus on what I want to achieve and enables me to imagine my future. I get inspired seeing what my role-models eat, how they train and how they motivate themselves. It’s another great way for me to learn about a fit lifestlye.
  7. I don’t compare myself to others or to my past self. I have photos of myself during my underweight days, when I used to calorie restrict. What would comparing myself to the past me attain? I already know that I don’t want to achieve my health and fitness goals by calorie restricting, so that’s not helpful to my journey. Comparing myself to someone else- well, I find that people don’t always reveal the full picture for different reasons. That’s understandable but I can’t compare myself to someone else while I’m guessing what they might be eating or how they might be exercising. If it stirs up negative emotions or thoughts in me such as “why am I not like that? We’ve been training the same amount of time…” it won’t be helpful for my personal journey. I prefer being happy for people getting their results and keeping in mind that their journey is different to mine, with different backgrounds and different struggles and attempts- so it’s irrelevant anyway.
  8. Food. I used to be scared of food (except vegetables). Today I enjoy a variety of whole foods in a plant-based diet plan. I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, leafy greens, roots, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Every “cheat meal” has its own healthy version. So that’s what I make myself when the urge arises. I don’t feel deprived of anything because I make my own healthy vegan version for it. Check out my recipes section to get inspired.
  9. One glitch in my eating routine doesn’t set me back. I used to suffer from an over-eating issue. I just couldn’t stop eating if there was still food around available. This thankfully belongs to my past… BUT if it does happen once in a blue moon, it’s not the end of the world. One meal where I over ate won’t make a noticeable difference to my goals just like one skipped meal won’t either.
  10. Each day is a new day! Whatever happened in the past, is where it belongs. Every single day I get a chance to wake up and CHOOSE to engage in a fit and healthy lifestyle. I try not to let yesterday drag me down. I look to the future instead and enjoy today!

I hope you’ve read this and feel totally motivated and inspired to keep at your fit and healthy lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and kick some butt!  😛