Working out at home can be very effective, fun and cheap. I like getting my quality time with myself as I train in the privacy of my own home and strengthen my body at my own pace. Join me for this full body workout from your own living room and let’s sizzle that fat away and build us some strong muscles together!

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  • Fitness bands OR dumbbells OR water bottles OR your own body weight
  • Yoga mat OR towel (optional for your own convenience)

(Details on where I bought my fitness bands and their cost are in here.)

Workout Instructions

Work your way through these 8 exercises, completing 3 sets of 10 repetitions of each movement for each exercise, with a 30-90 second rest in between each set depending on your personal goals (the shorter the rest the faster the heart rate will remain).

Example: 10 side lunges, 60 seconds break, 10 side lunges, 60 seconds break, 10 side lunges.

Another option is to complete the exercises in pairs in an A-B format.

Example for A-B format : 10 side lunges and straight away 10 push-ups. 60 seconds break. Repeat another 2 times.

Another option is to run your way through 10 repetitions of all 8 exercises and then begin again from top to bottom twice more.

It’s totally up to you!  🙂

Why 10 repetitions?

If you’re using the right amount of resistance for your muscles, you should be feeling a burn by the last 2-3 reps. If you’re not feeling a burn, you should probably increase the resistance OR if you don’t have a way to increase the resistance, increase the number of repetitions.

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