My dear sweet papa,

I may not be with you in body to celebrate your birthday today but I’m with you in my heart and my soul. Seems like we’ve established a tradition of me singing you a birthday song from wherever I am in the world. So here’s another birthday song dad, by one of your favourite singer–the only song of his I know well. I hope you enjoy all of my funny “singer” faces  😛

I enjoy singing to you dad, I’ve always felt I resembled you in so many ways; in our outlook on life, passion, emotions and our sensitivity. I used to be scared of it but today I am grateful for it. And I’m happy I’ve had you with me, to show me that it’s healthy and good and to know that you’re always there for me to support me and hold me in place until I could do it myself.

The lessons you’ve taught me are kept safe in my heart and they’re like a mantra in my mind on repeat.

“Aim for the stars and you’ll reach the sky Noga.”

“Believe in yourself because you can do anything you want. You just have to decide and choose it.”

Thank you for believing in me dad and for all of our years together. You are a special being and I want you to continue to be happy and healthy. I wish us many more productive years together and I miss you so much already!

See you soon and a happy birthday,


Your Noga.

To watch the song I sang for my dad for his birthday click here or on the video box below.

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