I tried going vegan for a long time. It took me around 3 years of trials until I finally got it! I used to experiment with different dishes to make them vegan but I never had enough “vegan meals vocabulary” to fill up a whole day. I just didn’t have enough ideas. So here is an example day of mine, not every meal is a big gourmet dish, some meals take me 5 minutes to prepare. My point is, you don’t have to be a chef in order to live a vegan lifestyle. Here goes:



A breakfast bowl consisting of sliced banana, cubed nectarine, frozen blueberries, raisins, almond milk to the brim and a few drops of vanilla stevia (those can be replaced by some maple syrup).



Oven baked potato fries with an assortment of fresh vegetables and a good dose of hummus. For my hummus recipe, click here.

Afternoon Snack

fruit snack

Fruit. It’s the quickest, healthiest most delicious snack! Here I had fresh apricots and a bunch of grapes.


sushi dinner

Sushi dinner- I wasn’t at home and had to buy out. Here there’s an avocado maki roll, a kampyo (Japanese squash) roll and a veggie roll with radish, avocado, cucumber and carrots. It wasn’t from a vegan sushi restaurant but they had various naturally vegan options. I love sushi!

An “After-Eight” Snack

rice cake snack

Rice cakes with cucumber slices, smoked-peppered tofu slices, fresh basil leaves and a little salt.

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