Who is VegaNoga?

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Hi everyone¬† ūüėõ

I wanted to create a place where people could:

  1. Get a closer view into a vegan lifestyle, which focuses on causing the least amount of harm to the animals, the planet and one’s individual existence.
  2. Get ideas for implementing it the healthy way.
  3. Find easy, useful, quick and healthy vegan recipes, to help you start off on your own journey!
  4. Discover tools to pragmatically handle mental, emotional and physical struggles that creep up along the way.
  5. Get to know me better¬†(you’ll discover I love singing¬† ūüėČ )

Let’s change the world together!

Join me for: healthy vegan recipes | fitness & fun | tips on how to go vegan and how to stay vegan.

How It Happened

As a teen-young woman, I was on the ‚Äúnormal-standard‚ÄĚ path that is expected of us by society: finishing high school with top grades, volunteering for the community, starting my academic studies straight away‚Äďnerd-ville, I know ūüėÜ After they were done‚Äďquickly and efficiently finding a job to kick¬†off my “booming career” as a young hearing, speech & language pathologist. At that point I’d realised I was just going through the motions of an automated ‚Äúcheck-list‚ÄĚ which society had set up for me, making me feel¬†lost and suffocated. So…. I decided to¬†quit everything and prepare for my next adventure‚Äďthe world. First stop: Berlin.

Berlin was a fabulous place for me to experiment and be free. ¬†I had been toying with the idea of being vegan and trying to implement it for at least a year but didn’t quite find the way to succeed with it fully‚ÄďI couldn’t make a commitment and temptations at family gatherings etc. Being in such a friendly, open-minded and accepting city and meeting amazing people helped me get in my zone and understand that it’s not¬†just about my own freedom‚ÄĒall living beings deserve¬†their freedom.

Ta-dam! When that finally hit home, being vegan became so natural. I began nourishing my body and soul through a whole foods, plant based, cruelty free vegan diet, which I experimented with, slowly teaching¬†myself to eat healthily. I tried many variations of it and even experimented with the raw food diet and a high-carb diet,¬†until I reached where I am today: a healthy, balanced and sustainable daily nutrition routine‚Äďa routine which makes me happy, which has helped me heal several persistent¬†health issues¬†and¬†which has me at my best physical performance.

Next adventure was: a¬†serious life-long relationship. So¬†I found Jon, my best friend, my love and life partner, a fellow vegan who sees eye to eye with my approach to life. It feels easier¬†to accomplish dreams together as a team.¬†We got together after only three¬†months of knowing each other, two¬†of which were trans-atlantic!¬†So taking that risk was totally worth it! He surprised me for my birthday and flew all the way from Canada over to meet me in Berlin and the rest is history…

If you had asked me two¬†years ago where I’d be today, I would never in my wildest dreams imagine I would be where I am today: traveling across the globe, awakened to myself and to others‚ÄĒhuman and animal.


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