Summer Salad with a Mango-Coconut Dressing

I had a massive craving for a huge salad with lots of delectable fresh leafy greens, fruit and vegetables. I literally felt my body was just craving all raw and this wonderful creation definitely hit the spot! The dressing is one of the best I’ve tasted if I may say so myself  😛

What I love about fresh salads is that they are super easy and quick to make. No culinary qualification is required here and no kitchen experience either, just some cutting, chopping and arranging in a bowl. C’est tout!


1 head of romaine lettuce
2 roma tomatoes
1 ripe soft pear
1/2 English cucumber
4 strawberries
1 stalk of celery
For the dressing:
1 small ripe soft mango (or 1/2 a large one)
20-30 g fresh coconut (if unavailable, can be substituted with young Thai coconut or with 1/4 cup of canned coconut cream)
3 sprigs of fresh dill
1 sprig of crisp spring onion
1 stalk of celery.

Slice the lettuce into small-medium sized strips and place in the bowl as the base of the salad. Then continue by slicing the tomatoes, cucumber, pear, celery and strawberries into slices and arranging them on top of the lettuce.

Dressing: Place the mango and the coconut in a blender or food processor and mix until it’s fairly smooth. I let the coconut stay a little chunky because I like the texture. Then add the dill, spring onion and the celery and blend in a few pulses, so they also stay a little chunky. [For those who don’t possess a blender: the mango can be mashed with a fork and the rest of the items can be chopped up finely to mix with the mango]. The celery, spring onion and dill make the dressing taste a little salty so no salt is needed here. Empty the contents onto the salad. Done!

The flavour combinations in this salad are perfect for a beautiful summer’s evening. This salad is packed with nutrients; vitamins and minerals. It will leave you feeling light, your tummy flat and your heart happy.

close up salad dressing upper view mango salad

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Summer Salad with a Mango - Coconut Dressing
Summer Salad with a Mango - Coconut Dressing
A salad which is perfect for a hot summer's evening. Leaves you feeling light, your tummy flat and your heart happy!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

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