Zoodles & Seared Tofu with Mango-Coconut Sauce

Zoodles = zucchini + noodles, i.e. noodles made of fresh zucchini. I got the inspiration for the sauce from the Vietnamese Imbiss (eatery) I used to go to regularly in Berlin in Warchauer Straße. The owners are a sweet Vietnamese husband and wife and whenever I used to go there they would cater to all my special vegan requests with a kind smile and some small talk in mine and their broken German. 😛  Good times, I miss that place!

I made some modifications to it to make it veg-healthy friendly. I find this to be a delicious and light meal version to a normally heavy pasta/noodle dish and also full of bursting flavour. Another great plus it has, is how quick it is to prepare!


1 large zucchini
1/4 onion
100 g tofu (regular firm tofu)
1/4 cup coconut milk (the kind that comes canned and is 26% fat)
1/2 ripe mango
3/4 tsp salt


1. Begin by slicing the zucchini into long thin slices that resemble noodles using a knife. OR to speed things up: If you have a spiralizer you can use it or if you don’t, but do have a food processor like me, you can use the following blade:

dial cutter zucchini bits

2. Heat up a non-stick pan to a high temperature and once it’s hot, toss the zoodles into it and cover with a lid. Wait 1-2 minutes until mixing it, re-cover and wait another 1-2 minutes. The zoodles can be eaten completely raw but I like them to be seared and browned a little. If they stay too long in the skillet they will get mushy and will no longer resemble noodles.

sauteed zucchini

3. Continue by chopping the onion and cubing the tofu and then toss them into a medium heated non-stick skillet with 3 Tbs of water. The onions will soften while the water starts evaporating and then we can leave the onion and tofu to sear in the skillet (without water or oil) until the tofu cubes start browning to the level you like them browned.

2. While the onions and tofu are being seared, blend the coconut milk, mango and salt in a blender into a smooth mixture. Once the tofu and onion have reached the desired level of brownness, you can add in the sauce (mango-coconut) and stir for another minute or two until it’s ready. Pour the sauce over the zoodles.

Done! Take advantage of the mango season because this is such a wonderful dish!

mango zoodles zoom out



Zoodles & Seared Tofu with Mango - Coconut Sauce
Zoodles & Seared Tofu with Mango - Coconut Sauce
by vegaNoga
Noodles made from fresh zucchini for a light and healthy noodle dish with an easy Vietnamese mango-coconut sauce.

Prep Time: 7 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 1

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