Is Neoguri Ramen Vegan?

Neoguri ramen, a popular Korean instant noodle dish, is a favorite among ramen enthusiasts worldwide.

But for those following a vegan diet, there is often confusion about whether Neoguri ramen is a suitable choice.

In this article, we will explore the ingredients used in Neoguri ramen and determine if it can be considered vegan-friendly.

What is Neoguri Ramen?

Neoguri ramen is a type of spicy seafood-flavored ramen that originated in South Korea.

It is known for its distinctive flavor profile, combining spicy heat with a hint of sweetness.

The noodles used in Neoguri ramen are typically wheat-based and have a chewy texture.

Is Neoguri Ramen Vegan?

Unfortunately, Neoguri ramen is not considered vegan. The key ingredient that makes Neoguri ramen non-vegan is the seafood flavoring. 

The spice mixture used in Neoguri ramen contains various seafood extracts, such as anchovy, shrimp, and crab.

These ingredients give the ramen its unique umami taste but also make it unsuitable for those following a vegan lifestyle.

What are the Ingredients in Neoguri Ramen?

Apart from the seafood flavoring, Neoguri ramen typically contains other ingredients that may not be suitable for vegans.

These include wheat gluten, soy sauce, and various vegetable powders.

While these ingredients are plant-based, it is important to note that they may have been processed in facilities that handle animal products, which can be a concern for some vegans.

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Vegan Alternatives to Neoguri Ramen

If you are a vegan or looking for vegan-friendly alternatives to Neoguri ramen, there are several options available in the market.

Some brands offer vegan ramen noodles that are free from animal products and do not compromise on taste.

These vegan ramen options often come with flavor packets that are specifically designed without the use of animal extracts.

Additionally, you can create your own vegan version of Neoguri ramen at home.

Substitute the seafood flavoring with vegetable-based seasonings like miso paste or soy sauce.

Add a variety of vegetables such as mushrooms, bok choy, and carrots to enhance the flavor and nutritional value of your homemade vegan ramen.


In conclusion, Neoguri ramen is not vegan due to its seafood flavoring.

While the noodles themselves may be plant-based, the seasoning packets contain seafood extracts such as anchovy, shrimp, and crab.

However, there are vegan alternatives available in the market and ways to create your own vegan version of Neoguri ramen.

As a vegan, it’s essential to read the ingredient labels carefully and explore other options that align with your dietary choices.

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