Is Tteokbokki Vegetarian & Halal? Samyang  Buldak!

Trying to figure out if Tteokbokki is vegetarian and halal can sometimes be confusing.

Traditional or Buldak Tteokbokki has many ingredients and some of them may not be vegetarian or halal.

To make sure you are only eating halal and vegan ramen, I’ve looked into the ingredients and production processes of Tteokbokki.

And here’s what I found:

Traditional Tteokbokki is considered vegan, vegetarian and Halal. The samyang tteokbokki is also halal”

Today, we’re taking the Tteokbokki conundrum head-on, examining its traditional ingredients, and exploring how to ensure it aligns with both vegan and halal dietary requirements.

So whether you’re a long-time Tteokbokki lover seeking clarity or a food enthusiast eager to expand your culinary horizons while respecting your dietary beliefs, this is your one-stop guide to everything Tteokbokki, vegan, and halal.

Let’s spice things up and dive right in! To backup our answers, let’s check the ingredient list.

Tteokbokki Ingredients:

The common ingredients in Tteokbokki are:

  1. Rice cakes (tteok).
  2. Gochujang (hot pepper paste).
  3. Garlic.
  4. Onion.
  5. Sugar.
  6. Soy sauce.
  7. Water.
  8. Sesame seeds.

However, sometimes, other ingredients are added such as:

  • Sliced fish cake.
  • Boiled eggs.
  • Beef broth.
  • Meat.

Now that we know what ingredients are in Tteokbokki, let’s go back to our main question “is Tteokbokki vegan or vegetarian?”.

Is Tteokbokki Vegan?

Yes, Tteokbokki is vegan friendly, as it does not contain any animal derived ingredients.

But, Some recipes contain sliced fish cake, boiled eggs for extra texture and flavor.

The store bought Tteokbokki may contain non vegan ingredients, so, it is always a good idea to check the product label. (if your are not sure which one is vegan, here’s a link to a vegan Tteokbokki).

Is Tteokbokki Vegetarian?

Yes. Tteokbokki is vegetarian. It is free from animal derived ingredients.

As i mentioned earlier, some people may add animal derived ingredients to the recipe.

So, always double check the ingredient list before consming.

Is Tteokbokki Halal?

By examinating the ingredients of Tteokbokki, we can confirm that Tteokbokki is Halal.

It does not contain any ingredients forbidden by the ISLAMIC religion.

Just be aware that the store bought Tteokbokki may contain other ingredients and therefore, you should always read the label of the actual product before buying.

Is Buldak Tteokbokki Halal?

Yes, Buldak tteokbokki is halal, as it does not contain any ingredient forbidden by the ISLAMIC religion.

Please note that althought Buldak tteokbokki is free from ingredients like gelatin and alcohol, it is not certified halal.

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Is Samyang Tteokbokki Halal?

Yes, Samyang tteokbokki is halal, as it does not contain any ingredient forbidden by the ISLAMIC religion.

Samyang tteokbokki ingredients are as folllow:

Rice cake:

Rice, Refined Salt, Acidity Regulator [Citric Acid (E330)].


Water, Artificial Chicken Flavour, Soy Sauce, White Sugar, Chilli Pepper Powder, Red Pepper Powder, Soybean Oil, Onion, Red Pepper Seed Oil, Flavour Enhancer [Monosodium L-Glutamate (E621)], Garlic, Modified Potato Starch, Decolourised Chilli Extract, Paprika Extract, Black Pepper Powder, Curry Powder.


Whole Milk Powder, Non Dairy Creamer, Mozzarella Cheese Powder, Garlic Powder, Butter Powder, Modified Potato Starch, White Sugar, Artificial Chicken Flavour Powder, Soybean Oil, Decolourised Chilli Extract, Black Pepper Powder, Parsely Curly, Basil Powder.

It may also contain milk, cheese, butter and soy as it is prepared at a company that also processes barley, crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, milk, celery, mustard, sesame seeds and molluscs.

Please note that althought Samyang tteokbokki is free from ingredients like gelatin and alcohol, it is not certified halal.

Final Thoughts:

 The Korean Tteokbokki is vegan and vegetarian friendly and it is also Halal.

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