Are Balenciaga Triple S Vegan?

The allure of Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers is undeniable, drawing attention for their unique style and design.

However, when it comes to their vegan status, the Triple S shoes do not meet the criteria for being entirely vegan-friendly.

Despite incorporating elements of mesh, these sneakers feature materials like leather, rendering them unsuitable for individuals adhering strictly to a vegan lifestyle.

Balenciaga, as a brand, has committed to sustainability and ethical practices within its design and production processes. [1]

Despite these efforts, the composition of the Triple S sneakers includes leather and other non-vegan materials, which might disappoint those seeking fully vegan footwear options.

The brand’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint, invest in carbon removal projects, and collaborate on agroforestry projects.

However, while Balenciaga continues its journey toward a more responsible fashion industry, the Triple S sneakers remain a product that includes animal-derived materials, making them unsuitable for vegans.

For individuals seeking vegan-friendly sneaker alternatives, various brands offer stylish options made entirely from synthetic or plant-based materials.

Adidas (you can check the vegan one here), Nike (not all of them, but this one is vegan), Stella McCartney (check it here), and Veja are among the brands providing fashionable and ethical alternatives that align with vegan principles.

So, while the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers may captivate fashion enthusiasts with their aesthetic appeal, their composition, including leather and non-vegan materials, prevents them from being considered fully vegan.

As Balenciaga progresses in its sustainability journey, exploring other brands’ cruelty-free offerings might be preferable for those committed to a vegan lifestyle.

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