Is Kiwi Shoe Polish Vegan?

In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards veganism, a lifestyle that avoids the use of animal products in all forms.

This includes not only food but also clothing, accessories, and even shoe care products. One common question that arises is whether certain everyday items, like shoe polish, are vegan. Specifically, is Kiwi Shoe Polish vegan?

What is Kiwi Shoe Polish?

Kiwi is a popular brand of shoe care products that has been around for over a century.

Their shoe polish is well-known for its ability to provide a long-lasting shine and protect leather shoes.

Traditional shoe polish often contains animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin, and carmine.

Beeswax is made by bees, lanolin is extracted from sheep’s wool, and carmine is derived from crushed insects.

Kiwi Shoe Polish Ingredients

The main ingredients in Kiwi Shoe Polish are petroleum, microcrystalline wax, and mineral spirits.

However, the product also contains lanolin, which is an animal-derived ingredient.

Is Lanolin Vegan?

Lanolin is a fatty substance extracted from sheep’s wool. Since it is derived from animals, it is not considered vegan.

Is Kiwi Shoe Polish Vegan?

No, Kiwi Shoe Polish is not vegan as it contains lanolin, an animal-derived ingredient.

And while Kiwi Shoe Polish is not vegan, there are several vegan-friendly alternatives available.

It is always important to check the ingredient list of any product you are considering purchasing to ensure it aligns with your values and lifestyle choices.

Kiwi’s Stance on Animal Testing

Kiwi states on their website that they do not test their products on animals.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the product is vegan, as it may still contain animal-derived ingredients.

For those looking for a vegan alternative to Kiwi Shoe Polish, there are several options available.

Brands like Kelly’s and Lincoln offer vegan shoe polish products that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

How to Identify Vegan Shoe Polish

When looking for vegan shoe polish, it is essential to check the ingredient list for any animal-derived ingredients.

Common non-vegan ingredients to look out for include beeswax, lanolin, and carmine.


Kiwi Shoe Polish contains lanolin, an animal-derived ingredient, and is therefore not vegan. However, there are several vegan alternatives available on the market.

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