Fruity Chia-Seed Pudding with a Hint of Basil

I know that many people put most of their efforts into making a healthy lunch or dinner, but their breakfast kind of suffers.

This is a wonderful, healthy, quick and easy option for breakfast, which can be prepared in advance the night before and can be done in a lidded jar (like a mason jar or an empty jam jar) to be taken on the go the following day.


2 Tbs chia seeds (either black or white)
3/4 cup plant milk (almond milk, soy, cashew, coconut, oat, rice, quinoa etc.)
a few drops of vanilla stevia (or 1 Tbs maple syrup)
2-3 fresh basil leaves or mint leaves (or both)
Fruit of your choice: cubed mango, fresh/frozen blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, raisins, banana. Anything goes.


Mix the chia seeds, the plant milk, the stevia/maple syrup and the finely chopped basil/mint leaves in the designated container and leave it in the fridge overnight.

The seeds soak up the liquids and form a gel like consistency resembling pudding. In the morning, give the pudding a good stir, taste it, correct the flavours if necessary and pour the fruit of your choice over it.

Seal with a lid and take with you on your day’s journey to enjoy with a spoon.

The fast-paced option: Prepare it as soon as you wake up and start going about your morning routine. The pudding will form within 20 minutes. Then add the fruit.

Fruity Chia-Seed Pudding

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