Is Coleslaw Vegan Or Vegetarian?

Is Coleslaw Vegan Or Vegetarian

What is coleslaw? And what is made of? Is Coleslaw Vegan or Vegetarian? Let’s find out. In this post we will discuss the Coleslaw ingredients and see if it’s suitable for vegan or vegetarian. The word”coleslaw” came from the Dutch term “koolsla”, meaning “cabbage salad”.The cole part of the term ultimately derives from the Latin … Read more

Are Double Dips Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Double Dips?

Double Dips Vegan

What are Double Dips made of anyway? Can vegans eat Double Dips ? Let’s find out. Double Dip sweet is a confectionery produced by Swizzels Matlow, where it has been popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. Double Dip consists of a sachet of two sherbet powders (orange and cherry flavoured), with a “swizzelstick” … Read more