Is CiCi’s Pizza Cheese Vegetarian & Halal?

CiCi’s Pizza offers a variety of pizza toppings, including cheese. But is it vegetarian and halal? Let’s find out.

In this article, we’re going to examine the ingredients inside CiCi’s pizza cheese to determine if it is suitable for vegetarians and Muslims.

But, if you’re in a rush, here’s the answer:

CiCi’s pizza cheese is vegetraian and halal.

Keep reading to find out why it is suitable for vegetarians and Muslims.

What kind of cheese does Cicis pizza use?

CiCi’s Pizza uses a blend of mozzarella, cheddar, and provolone cheeses on their pizzas.

But the most used cheese is Mozzarella.

Now, let’s check the ingredients found in this cheese.

CiCi’s pizza cheese ingredients:

The specific ingredients used in their cheese topping may vary by location, but the main ingredients found in CiCi’s pizza cheese are:

    • SALT.
    • ENZYMES.

As you can see, the ingredients listed above contain one animal derived product which is milk, and therefore CiCi’s pizza cheese is suitable for vegetarians.

Is CiCi’s pizza cheese halal?

Yes. CiCi’s pizza cheese is halal.

It does not contain any ingredients forbidden by the Islamic religion.

Which makes CiCi’s pizza cheese suitable for Muslims.

Please note that ingredients may change at any time. It is always best to check the ingredients on the actual product or ask at the restaurant.

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