How I Lost 20 Kg In 6 Months With Just A Vegan Diet!

How long does it take to lose 20 kg? Here’s my story on how i lost 20 kg in 6 months with just a vegan diet.

I know it seems incredible, but that’s how it happened to me: I lost 20 kg in 6 months without physical or mental effort, unintentional, without pills and without getting sick.

This is the title of my story: how i lost 20 kgs in 6 months on a vegan(vegetarian) diet.

“If i did it you can do it”

The 6 months were summer and autumn and it seems to me the best time to eat fresh, tasty and healthy fruits and vegetables.

It was not an intentional regime, but it was a happy consequence!

I struggled for a long time for weight loss, managed to drop 1kg with meal plan (sometimes i follow some “weight loss programs “) and in a few days I put it in place and doubled it …

I was angry, nervous, sad and I had already given up the idea that I could be 50kg, like 10 years ago.

So I resigned and my intention was to drop at least 1kg per month or 2 months, at no time did I think I would get rid of 20kg!

One evening I saw a documentary that made me perceive the world differently and realize how much I am wrong in many important aspects of my life.

Realizing that I can change something in this ephemeral existence, even if it is just a drop in a huge ocean, I have removed the meat from the diet .

I started from an ethics problem (I don’t want any human being to die, we all have the right to life) and I got to solve my health problems, which I had for years and only some of them. I solved with drugs, and only temporarily.

From a health point of view, people are slowly beginning to realize that the modern world is making them sick and dramatically decreasing their duration and quality of life .

Almost everything we like and we are comfortable and within reach is bad , the best example being the prepared meals (they only need 5 minutes in the microwave).

Unfortunately, modern humans have lost sight of the fact that the human body works on the basic of nutrients and energy, not just empty calories. (energy without nutrients) from fast food.

Fortunately, even the largest food trusts have realized that man needs fresh food, not over-processed and nutrient-depleted.

For this reason, we are seeing more and more fresh vegetables and fruits in stores.

Even if they are full of pesticides, they are much healthier than “eating” full of all kinds of chemicals that keep for months and years without breaking down (ie even a bacterium knows it is not healthy and would not touch something like that ).

But let’s get back to our kilograms and how i lost 20 kg in 6 months.

I have eliminated meat and dairy from eating because it does not seem ethical and normal for me as an animal, no matter how intelligent or not, to suffer in some way or die for me.

We also eliminated meat, dairy, eggs (from trade) and sugar from nutrition for health reasons.

It is harder to completely eliminate dairy and sugar because I like sweets and not all are made without milk and sugar (I use raw sugar).

I highly recommend raw vegan desserts (raw, negated), they seem tastier than the traditional ones and are much healthier.

The most delicious period of my life followed! Who can say that about a diet? Usually weight loss belts are a ordeal and a continuous stress.

I discovered new recipes, tastes and flavors and noticed that my clothes are better.

I took the scale from where I had hidden it and I weighed it: I had lost a few pounds without realizing it.

The months have passed and I have consistently lost up to 52-53 kg, where I am now.

The body stopped at this weight alone, without me doing anything intentionally. Usually, when you reach the desired weight loss, it is very difficult to maintain it.

I would like to point out that I make no effort to maintain it, it just doesn’t make me fat.

And I eat as much as I want, when I want (I shouldn’t boast about it, it’s not a healthy habit).

If you are a man, it is much easier for you, the kilos simply melt quickly and effortlessly. It’s really annoying simple …

Another positive effect, which I did not expect, was that my skin was not left !

And for the skin I did not make any effort, I did not give myself every day with creams or oils, I did not put on masks, I did not do treatments. Just don’t hang up.

You may be wondering how cellulite is. I have, of course, we all have, including children and men. But not much is seen in them.

I do not see much either: on the belly and hands I have no cellulite, on the feet the appearance has improved by about 80%, and on the buttocks by about 60%.

Probably if I had made a move, he could only be seen with the magnifying glass.

To my shame, I do not play sports … I am a lazy couch vegetable … I have never been passionate about running after a ball or aerobics.

All my life I have been comfortable and sedentary. Of course it is not healthy to stay as a mommy!

Now, because I have energy and craving for life with my new diet (another positive aspect that I didn’t expect), I thought to heal this aspect of the movement.

I did fitness a few years ago and it was the only “sport” with which I understood how much and how much I kept myself.

Looking for easy exercises to do at home alone, without paying a trainer and without breaking my neck, bones or muscles, I discovered yoga for beginners with a trainer, online and free.

Better still, I don’t think it can.

It does not force the wrists, muscles, bones and most importantly, it does not hurt anything when doing yoga.

I do as much as I can and work with my body, no investments are necessary (I do some exercises in bed, others on the mat), I use a longer cord for certain positions.

No special equipment is required, you can do yoga in pajamas or in older and larger clothes.

From the first session (20 minutes) I noticed that yoga improves posture and helps the back and neck pain (from the state to the computer).

Muscle fever is not done as after fitness, if you can not stand still pain. I didn’t even know I had muscle fever until I started exercising the next day.

Only in the same positions I had made the day before I felt it. And it was just a deaf pain and very easy to bear, I made the session to the end without any problems.

After the beneficial physical effects that I could only observe by looking in the mirror, I also noticed positive aspects on health.

I don’t need to drink coffee in the morning so I can keep my eyes open.

I don’t want to lie all weekend in bed, I don’t have baskets on my face or body anymore (I think they are made especially from refined sugar).

And i find motivation much easier to do something, I am more active and I do not feel bad.

I didn’t consider myself ill before, but compared to the condition I have now, I feel much better and healthier.

There are people who ask me if I abstain from something or if I’m missing something.

I do not refrain from anything, if I am craving something, including fries, I eat at any time (although not a healthy habit).

I never crave meat (not even Christmas), and sausages, semi-prepared foods or fast-food before we eat only very, very rarely.

From time to time, I also like the mamaliguta with cheese and sour cream (2-3 times a year).

One organic egg from the country once or twice a month (the healthiest is consumed soft boiled in the peel or eyes in the water ) or to sweets as healthy as, not candy and chocolate, but cakes and pies made at home (once a month or every 2 months).

I do not feel that I lack anything, I do not consider myself deprived of the pleasures of life.

Another thing I’ve noticed for a while: I don’t feel the need to eat much anymore.

If before I had the bad habit of not getting up from the table if I did not feel full, now I am saturated much faster.

I studied the question and the explanation is the following: because the brain does not receive the necessary nutrients, it always asks for food.

And you eat until you feel like you’re snacking, but you fill up with empty calories.

The body consumes a certain amount of calories, but stores the rest in fat tissue.

I should add that I never smoke and I have never smoked.

The world has tried to convince me since high school, but I do not like the smell.

The smoke and the fact that you practically burn money to harm yourself and all those who are around you.

I don’t even kill myself with alcohol. I never drank to get drunk. Taste special occasions to give luck or hate “Happy Birthday!”

Many people ask me if this lifestyle is expensive. It can be very cheap or very expensive, depending on what you choose to eat.

If you look on the shelves, the most expensive products are not vegetables, fruits, oils, nuts and seeds.

On the contrary, they are much cheaper than meat and milk products.

Not to mention the exceptions, there are some exotic fruits and vegetables or very expensive outside the season, as well as very expensive meat or cheese.

To meet the daily needs of nutrients and energy of the human body you do not have to spend a fortune, you can even escape much cheaper than a carnivore.

As a cost of energy (but also financial), vegan food is much cheaper and consumes much less resources (water, land, energy, fuels, factories, cars, labor, transportation and storage) than the traditional one.

To feed a carnivore consumes 3 times more resources than to feed a vegetarian.

And the final consumer comes out cheaper at home.

For example, an apple can be stored very well over the winter wrapped in paper, in the room, it occupies only a little space, but it does not consume anything, and the paper is recyclable and biodegradable.

If the apple is harvested from a yard or orchard with no pesticides, you can eat the apple without washing it, so do not even consume water.

Meat and dairy products should be kept in the fridge or freezer and sometimes they must be cooked.

It is true, there are traditional methods without fridge and cooking.

But how many of you have some cheese in the room or dried meat in the bridge and sausages hanging on the balcony?

The answer to how i lost 20 kg in 6 months : I adopted a vegan diet to lose weight because veganism and weight loss are related.

In conclusion, being good and not killing innocent souls costs nothing and has only positive and healthy aspects for everyone: people, animals, environment and the planet.

I am Jennifer, a fervent animal lover, and a dedicated vegan. Am the person behind the I offer insights, advice, and personal stories that have inspired many in their journey towards a plant-based lifestyle. My journey into veganism has also been coupled with a love for writing. I used this passion to share my vegan experiences, to educate others about the benefits of plant-based living, and to advocate for animal rights. Find out more about me on the about page.

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