Is Paper Vegan? Can Vegans Use Paper?

Is paper vegan? Can vegans use paper? Can you imagine how different your day would be without paper! Well, today we’re going to discover how paper is made and see if vegans can use it or not.

We use paper for countless things in our everyday lives, including newsprint, magazines, schoolbooks, photocopies, computer printers, envelopes, stamps, tissue and sanitary products, bags, boxes, containers, food packaging, gift wrap, wallpaper, disposable dishes, lampshades, and as an art medium.

How is Paper Made?

The process for making paper was invented in China in the second century A.D., and all paper was made one sheet at a time until 1798. With the Industrial Revolution and the papermaking machine, papermaking became a major industry that provides countless
products, from books and newspapers to packaging and note pads.

Paper has been made from a wide variety of materials — wood pulp, rice, water plants, cotton, even old clothes! But no matter what you use to make paper — you need “fiber.”

Today’s paper fiber comes mainly from three sources — byproducts from the sawmilling process, pulpwood logs and recycled paper products. In fact, much of the paper we use every day is a blend of new and recycled fiber.

Besides the fibres, pulps may contain fillers such as chalk or china clay, which improve its characteristics for printing or writing.

Is Paper Vegan?

So, is it vegan? Is paper vegan friendly? Yes. Paper is vegan. It is made with plant based ingredients. Paper made on machines does not contain any chemical made from any animal.

In very old days ( couple of centuries back) some chemicals made from animals were used in handmade papers.


Is Toilet Paper Vegan?

Do you know if you’ve been using vegan toilet paper?

The answer may shock you, most popular toilet papers are not vegan or cruelty free.

Because some toilet papers may actually contain animal ingredients like gelatin to bind the fibers.


Paper is vegan friendly. It doesn’t generally contain animal products or by-products, but there are many different papers so animal products can’t be ruled out.


Please note that we always strive to make sure the information about products is always as accurate as possible. However, because products are regularly changed, the product information, ingredients may occasionally change.

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