Vegan Definition! What Does It Means To Be Vegan?

vegan definition

If you find yourself thinking what does vegan means, and wondering about the implications for your diet and lifestyle, here’s the best vegan definition. “Vegan definition : vegans are people who abstain from consuming animal products for health or ethical reasons. “ Veganism means living on plant based products, with exclusion of flesh, fish, fowl, … Read more

5 Known Types of Vegetarian

Types of Vegetarian

Vegetarianism has raised a lot of confusions, especially for those planning to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. The notion that vegetarians only eat vegetables is actually a misconception. Vegetarians also eat fruits, and some animal products and meat like eggs and fish meat, respectively. To make things clear, there are different types of vegetarians. This article … Read more

Top 30 Iron Rich Foods For Vegans And Vegetarians

Iron Rich Foods For Vegans And Vegetarians

In this article, we will explore top 30 iron rich foods for vegans and vegetarians . We will also discuss how much Iron you need per day as a vegan, how to increase iron absorption from plant-based foods and what is Iron Deficiency Anemia, causes and symptoms. Iron (Fe) is an essential mineral found in … Read more

The 10 Commandments of Staying Vegan

Commandments of Staying Vegan

When I initially got exposed to the idea of veganism, I instantly felt that I didn’t want to eat animal friends anymore. But it took me around 3 years to finally go vegan and stay vegan. Therefore in my personal story, though the understanding and realization hit home instantly, the process of connecting the dots took longer. In these past … Read more