Is Coleslaw Vegan Or Vegetarian?

What is coleslaw? And what is made of? Is Coleslaw Vegan or Vegetarian? Let’s find out. In this post we will discuss the Coleslaw ingredients and see if it’s suitable for vegan or vegetarian.

The word”coleslaw” came from the Dutch term “koolsla”, meaning “cabbage salad”.The cole part of the term ultimately derives from the Latin colis, meaning cabbage.

Coleslaw, also written “cole slaw”, or simply as slaw, is a dish consisting primarily of raw sliced or chopped cabbage, with a salad dressing commonly either vinaigrette or mayonnaise.

There are many variations of the recipe, which include the addition of other vegetables and ingredients such as red cabbage, pepper, apple, shredded carrots, onion, grated cheese, pineapple, or apple, mixed with a salad dressing such as mayonnaise, cream or yogurt.[1]

Coleslaw dressing is made with mayonnaise, a sweetener (such as honey), apple cider vinegar, celery seeds, salt and pepper. Some coleslaw dressings are made with dairy (buttermilk).

Is it vegan? Is Coleslaw vegan or vegetarian? Unfortunately, Coleslaw is not vegan nor vegetarian. The traditional salad dressing recipe contains mayonnaise (Mayonnaise is normally not vegan, because one of the crucial ingredients is eggs).

Is KFC Coleslaw Vegan?

The KFC website lists all ingredients for its cole slaw. They include chopped cabbage; carrots; onions; sugar; water; soybean oil; distilled vinegar; corn syrup; food starch; whole eggs; salt; corn vinegar; spice; apple cider; vinegar; and paprika. It also contains natural and artificial flavors.

The list of KFC coleslaw ingredients contains whole eggs and therefore the kfc Cole Slaw is not vegan.

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Vegan Coleslaw

What is vegan coleslaw made from?

The dressing in Coleslaw is mayonnaise based and the vegan coleslaw is made with vegan mayonnaise.

Luckily it’s not difficult to find vegan mayo these days, i use a variety of brands but I probably use Vegenaise the most (you can find it here).

The preparation method is the same as the non vegan coleslaw.

You can even make a vegan coleslaw without mayo by using only apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard and olive oil.

This vegan Coleslaw goes well with Vegan Baked Beans, Southern-Style Vegan Buttermilk Biscuits, BBQ Tofu and Sticky BBQ Tempeh Rib.

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What Is Vegan Mayonnaise Made Of?

Vegan mayonnaise is made of two main ingredients: soy milk (or aquafaba) and oil.

Therefore, vegan mayo is different from regular mayonnaise, which combines egg and oil.

Even though the ingredients are different, it is an excellent substitute for regular mayonnaise.

Is Coleslaw Dairy Free?

Yes, Coleslaw is dairy free. But some places add cream (Cream is a dairy product composed of the higher-fat layer skimmed from the top of milk before homogenization).

So always double check the ingredients when you buy it in a store, and ask in a restaurant.

The traditional coleslaw recipe only contains cabbage, mayonnaise, carrots and some other vegetables.

Is Coleslaw Gluten Free?

Cole slaw is gluten free as it does not usually contain any gluten ingredients.

But the issue you need to watch out for is cross-contact (this can’t be a problem for some vegans or vegetarians but just to mention it).