5 Known Types of Vegetarian

Vegetarianism has raised a lot of confusions, especially for those planning to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. The notion that vegetarians only eat vegetables is actually a misconception. Vegetarians also eat fruits, and some animal products and meat like eggs and fish meat, respectively.

To make things clear, there are different types of vegetarians. This article will help you understand more about why some vegetarians completely abstain from any animal by-product while others are less strict.

1-Lacto-ovo-vegetarian or sometimes simply called vegetarian.

“Lacto” is a Latin word for milk, and “ovo” is for egg. This type of vegetarian does not eat any animal meat or seafood but eats dairy products and eggs. When someone thinks of “vegetarian”, this is what comes to mind. This type is further classified into two:

Lacto-vegetarians are those who eat dairy products but do not eat eggs.

Ovo-vegetarians are those who eat eggs but do not eat dairy products.


More and more people are becoming pescatarians; they eat fruits and veggies but do not eat animal products and, meats, except fish. Although, technically, pescatarians are not vegetarians, the word is occasionally used to describe people who eat this way.

This is considered as a stepping stone towards becoming a full-pledged vegetarian. A pescatarian believes that consumption of fish oils or fish in moderate amounts provides Omega-3 fatty acids which are needed to prevent heart and other diseases.

Flax seed oil is an alternative source of Omega-3 for those who full vegetarians.

Note: Pescatarian is also spelled “pescetarian”

3-Semi-Vegitarian or Flexitarian

The term is used to describe a person whose diet majorly consists of veggies, but sometimes eats meat.


If you are a vegan, you completely abstain from all kinds of meat (including fish and other seafood), eggs, dairy products, and all processed foods that contain animal-derived ingredients like gelatin.

Whether bee honey fits into the vegan diet or not, is still a debate.

5-Raw Vegan

Raw food enthusiasts believe that cooking food above 46 degrees Celsius or 115 degrees Fahrenheit can destroy or diminish the food’s nutritive value.

Because of this belief, raw vegans only eat unprocessed foods.

Regardless of the type of vegetarian you are, eating a well-balanced diet is necessary in keeping a healthy and fit body.


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