Is Lab Grown Meat Vegan & Vegetarian?

Could you eat clean meat and still consider yourself vegan? Let’s find out.

If you are reading about lab-grown meat, aka clean meat and started to wonder if vegans would find it ok to eat it or not, here’s our point of view.

Cultured meat, lab-grown meat, and clean meat are all terms used to describe any meat product that is produced in a bio-factory setting without slaughtering animals. 

Lab Grown meat is made by the extraction of cells from an animal(for example, can be obtained from bird feathers that the bird has shed).

Then grow those cells in a bioreactor, which supplies the cells with the nourishment and conditions they need to multiply and grow into a muscle. 

Finally, the muscle is harvested from the scaffold when fully grown, and then usually the muscle is minced.[1

The introduction of lab-grown meat offers consumers another way to get the taste, texture, and nutrition they want from traditional meat, without the environmental impact or animal cruelty.

Is Lab Grown meat vegan?

Yes. From our point of view, Lab Grown Meat is Vegan.

Here’s 4 good reasons why we considered Lab Grown Meat vegan friendly:

  • First, there is the ethical question of whether humans have the right to slaughter and mistreat animals for meat.
  • Second is the reduced environmental impact of cultured meat production.
  • Thirdly is the reduction, and hopefully, elimination of antibiotics use in meat production.
  • Finally, cultured meat might be the final solution to world hunger, since there is no limit on how much meat can be produced, as opposed to traditional meat production where access to land is a limiting factor.

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Is Lab Grown meat vegetarian?

Yes. We consider Lab Grown meat to be vegetarian.

The same reasons for vegan apply here.

In final, it is your choice.

In Summary

If enough meat-eaters ate lab grown instead of dead animal, there would be fewer sentient beings suffering needlessly. And less habitat being destroyed for meat farms.

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