What Do Vegans Put in Their Sandwiches? A Guide to Vegan Sandwich Fillings

If you are in need of some inspiration with your sandwich life, you’ve come to the right place! Get creative with the following guide to vegan sandwich fillings, spreads, and combo ideas. 

If cheese, ham, mayo, and other animal based foods are out, what do vegans put in their sandwiches?

While this question sounds funny to me now, it wasn’t so amusing when I first became vegan and thought my sandwich days were over.

Little did I know that a whole world of vegan sandwiches, based on cruelty-free options, would open up to me on my vegan path. 

Since becoming vegan, my sandwich world has expanded far and beyond the standard, unimaginative and repetitive sandwich choices we’ve all grown accustomed to, I’ve discovered a world of great variety, flavors and textures.

Mayo? Cheese? Meat? Eggs? Who needs the cholesterol laden products of animal cruelty when there are so many alternatives that are either similar in flavor, or present a healthier, more creative, and tastier option? 

Let’s get creative! 

Vegan Sandwich Spread Ideas: 

vegan sandwich spread

1-Vegetable and Herb Spreads:

Make at home or buy at the supermarket! Pesto, olive paste, avocado (guacamole), mushroom and walnut pate, relish, chutney, Baba Ghanoush, garlic paste, chimichurri, sundried tomato paste, ketchup. 

2-Bean and Legume Spreads:

Try the classic hummus or less conventional bean and legume spreads such as red bean spread, black bean spread or lentil spread. Soy-based soft cheese and vegan mayo are versatile choices that can be combined with many other fillings as well.

3-Nut and Seed Spreads:

There are so many nutritious nut and seed butters available, from the familiar peanut butter and tahini to almond, walnut and cashew butters and beyond.

Ever tried a nut based cheese? Those are delicious!

And don’t forget the old mustard and mustard spreads, which are made from seeds as well!

4-Sweet spreads:

The following are all great vegan choices for us sweet tooth people in the crowd:

Jams, no-added sugar fruit spreads, marmalades, vegan chocolate spreads, carob spreads, caramelized nut spreads, vegan lemon curd, and Lotus caramelized biscuit spread.

Vegan Sandwich Filling Ideas:


Supercharge your sandwich with these great fillers.

1-Cuts, Slices and Meat Alternatives:

If it’s mock meat and mock cheese that you are looking for, then there are plenty!

From vegan cheese slices, vegan meat cuts, vegan “chicken” salad, to vegan seitan “shawarma”, vegan burgers (vegetable based, lentil based, soy or seitan based), vegan hotdogs, vegan patties (vegetable or soy based), and marinated and baked tofu cuts.

2-Vegan “Eggs”:

You can even fill your sandwich with vegan “egg” substitutes such as scrambled tofu, or chickpea flour omelet, or this one here.


Grilled portabella mushroom, potato salad, vegan coleslaw, antipasto (eggplant, yam, and zucchini slices baked in the oven), and vegetable stir-fry – can all be a great filler in your vegan sandwich!


For the finishing touch try the likes of:

Fried mushrooms, olives, gherkins, fresh salad, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, alfalfa/broccoli sprouts.

Used right, they all can make a great addition.

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Vegan Sandwich Combo Ideas:

vegan sandwichs

So you’re probably feeling hungry by now, here are some ideas to get you started but really the only limit is your imagination!

1-Big Appetite Combos:

  • Stir-fry vegetable baguette.
  • Pitta bread with hummus, tahini, vegan shawarma and gherkins.
  • Lentil spread with vegetable patties and fresh vegetables of choice.

2-Fresh and Light Combos:

  • Wholemeal bread with pesto, baked yam slices, and fresh lettuce.
  • Guacamole with fresh seasonal vegetables of your choice.
  • Garlic and olive pastes with roasted peppers and fresh raw vegetables.
  • Vegan soft cheese, cucumber slices and sun-dried tomatoes.

3-Special Combos:

  • Baba Ghanoush with oven baked eggplant slices, lettuce and cucumber.
  • Spelt bread with fresh avocado slices, Indian chutney and alfalfa/broccoli sprouts.
  • Mediterranean: Hummus with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and fresh vegetables of your choice.
  • The vegan omelet: vegan mayo, chickpea flour omelet, and tomato.
  • Bread roll with vegan mayo, smoked baked tofu, and gherkins.

So there’s no need to have a mundane lunch, why not challenge yourself to make a different vegan sandwich every day for a week and see what you can discover.

I am Jennifer, a fervent animal lover, and a dedicated vegan. Am the person behind the veganoga.com. I offer insights, advice, and personal stories that have inspired many in their journey towards a plant-based lifestyle. My journey into veganism has also been coupled with a love for writing. I used this passion to share my vegan experiences, to educate others about the benefits of plant-based living, and to advocate for animal rights. Find out more about me on the about page.