Are Rolos Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten-Free?

Are you wondering if Rolos are vegan & vegetarian? If so, you’re in the right place.

In this post we’re going to uncover the Rolos Candies ingredients and see if they are suitable for vegans or vegetarians or gluten free.

These rolls-styled chocolates with a caramel inside, are made by Nestlé (except in the United States, where production has been licensed to The Hershey Company).[1]

When Rolos were developed, they were simply a combination of caramel and a chocolate coating.

Now, they are made with these ingredients.

Rolos Candies Ingredients:

  • Glucose syrup.
  • sugar.
  • modified milk ingredients.
  • cocoa butter, cocoa mass.
  • modified palm and palm kernel oils.
  • sunflower lecithin, salt.
  • natural flavours.
  • sodium carbonate, and May contain wheat.[2]

Now, that we know the ingredients found in Rolos, let’s go back to our main question.

Are Rolos Vegan?

No, Rolos candies are not vegan, as they contain animal derived ingredients such as modified milk ingredients.

The company (Nestlé) states on their website that the milk comes from cows.

The only animal by product ingredient in our product is milk which came from cow

Palm oil is a vegetable product which does not need to involve the use of animals, and therefore is suitable for vegans.

But are Rolos vegetarian?

Are Rolos Vegetarian?

Yes. Rolos are suitable for vegetarians, as the only animal derived product used to make Rolos candies is milk.

As per the definition of vegetarian, dairy products are allowed in the vegetarian diet.


Are Rolos Gluten Free?

No, Rolos are not gluten free, as they may contain wheat.

Based on the ingredients listed above, Rolos are free from gluten ingredients.

But, the last information on the ingredient list states that it may contain wheat. This means that cross-contamination with gluten may occur in the production process.

And therefore, Rolos are not gluten free.

Please pay attention to this information on every product you consume.


Rolos Candies are not vegan friendly,as they contain animal by-products (modified milk ingredients).


Please note that we always strive to make sure the information about products is always as accurate as possible. However, because products are regularly changed, the product information, ingredients may occasionally change.

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