Are Timbits Vegan? Do Timbits Have Eggs? Vegan Options at Tim Hortons

What ingredients are in Timbits? Are Timbits vegan? Let’s find out. In this article we will discover the Timbits ingredients and see if vegans can eat them.

Timbits are a popular tiny doughnut holes (bite-sized doughnut holes) made from leftover doughnut dough, fried in vegetable oil and available in a number of varieties such as yeast, cake, apple fritter, honey dip, old fashion plain, chocolate glazed, blueberry, strawberry, lemon, and filled timbits.

It is a brand name from Tim (the name of Canadian hockey player Tim Horton, and the doughnut shop chain he founded, now Tim Hortons) + bit.

The bit in Timbit is an acronym for Big in Taste, which is an original campaign slogan from the 1970s. In Canada, people prefer to use the generic term doughnut holes or trous de beigne instead of timbits.

Are they vegan? Are Timbits vegan? Unfortunately NO, all of Tim Horton’s donuts contain dairy products making them not suitable for vegans, and the cake ones have eggs as well.

Timbits ingredients:

Timbits are made with these ingredients:

  • Enriched wheat flour.
  • Water
  • shortening [palm oil, modified palm oil, (with TBHQ as preservative)].
  • sugar, vegetable oil [canola and/or soybean.
  • (with TBHQ as preservative)], cocoa (with alkali).
  • soybean flour, leavening (sodium bicarbonate.
  • sodium acid pyrophosphate, calcium phosphate monobasic).
  • corn flour, emulsifiers [soya lecithin, mono and diglycerides, preservatives (BHT, citric acid)].
  • skim milk powder.
  • dried egg yolk [sodium aluminum silicate (free flow agent)].
  • whey powder (milk), salt.
  • artificial flavour.
  • modified corn starch, caramel colour.

What Can Vegans Eat at Tim Hortons?

Here’s the Tim Hortons vegan menu:

  • Savoury Potato Wedges.
  • Hash Browns.
  • Garden Veggie Sandwich (No Cream Cheese).
  • Harvest Vegetable Soup (not all locations).
  • Bagels.
  • Garden Salad (should be vegan as-is with dressing).
  • Bread.
  • Oatmeal.

Tim Hortons Vegan Drinks?

Tim Hortons vegan drinks include:

  • Frozen lemonade and other slushy-fruit drinks.
  • All teas (without milk/creamer).
  • All Coffees (without milk/creamer or substitute dairy-free milk)
  • Cinnamon Caramel Oat Cold Brew.
  • Apple Cider.
  • Cinnamon Caramel Oat Latte.


Do Timbits Have Eggs?

Yes, Timbits dough/batter contains eggs.

As Tim Hortons use the Robin Hood cake and yeast doughnut mixes, there is egg powder in the mixes, eggs add lightness and flavour, so you would want to avoid them

In fact most brands you find in the supermarket bread aisle and doughtnut shops do use egg.

Doughnuts are usually made from an enriched dough. Enriched here means added milk, eggs and oil.

In Summary:

Tim Hortons Timbits are not vegan. They contain dairy products making them unsuitable for vegans. In fact none of their donuts/timbits are vegan.

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