Are Clif Kid Z Bars Vegan And Gluten Free?

Some of the questions we get most from people is whether Clif Kid Z Bars are vegan or which clif bars are vegan.

That’s why in today’s post we’re going to review the Clif Kid Z Bars and get you the answer to determine if they are vegan friendly and gluten free.

In general, Clif Z Bars have a decent amount of protein, and taste great. These energy snack bars are a soft- baked, yummy, on-the-go snack.

CLIF BAR states on their website that Clif Kid Z Bars contain no intentionally added animal-based ingredients, but when checking the ingredient list of every Clif Kid Z Bars products, we found out that their products may contain milk.

clif z bars allergen statement

The Clif Kid Z Bar ingredients are vegan, but they may contain milk as they share common equipment at the store level and/or at the manufacturing plants.

Which leads us to our main question “Are Clif Kid Z Bars Vegan?”.

Are Clif Kid Z Bars Vegan?

Are they vegan? Technically, Clif Kid Z Bars are vegan friendly. They are free from animal derived ingredients. But they may intentionally contain milk.

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Are Clif Kid Z Bars Gluten Free?

Do CLIF Kid Z Bars Snacks contain gluten?

The answer is a big YES. CLIF Kid Z bars are made with organic oats, which may contain gluten.

However, the CLIF Kid Z bars Protein are indeed gluten free. 

Key Takeaways:

Clif Kid Z Bars are technically vegan friendly, because they contain no intentionally added animal-based ingredients.

FAQs About Clif Z Bars:

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