Are Gingerbread Cookies Vegan?

If you’ve never eat gingerbread cookies, your holiday season is about to change. These classic Christmas treats are often made just because they’re the pinnacle of festive cuteness.

We think these gingerbread cookies are pretty delicious but are they vegan friendly? Let’s find out.

In today’s post, we’re going to list the gingerbread cookies ingredients and see if they are suitable for vegans.

Let’s start with the ingredient list.

Gingerbread Cookies Ingredients:

The classic Gingerbread Cookies are made with these simple ingredients:

  • brown sugar.
  • flour.
  • baking soda.
  • cinnamon.
  • ginger.
  • cloves.
  • salt.
  • butter.
  • milk and molasses.

From the list above, we can see that the ingredient list contain some animal derived products (milk and butter), which leads us to our main question “are gingerbread cookies vegan?”.

Are Gingerbread Cookies Vegan?

Are they vegan friendly? The answer is NO. The classic Gingerbread Cookies are not vegan as they contain dairy products.

But, don’t worry, there’s a vegan Gingerbread cookies recipe that you can prepare at home.

The vegan version of Gingerbread cookies is also soft and full of warm spice and they are the perfect way to ring in the season.

Here’s a vegan Gingerbread cookies recipe that you can make at home.(check it here)



The Classic Gingerbread Cookies contain dairy products and therefore are not vegan friendly. But you can make it vegan if you make it at home by substituting dairy products.

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