Are Butterfingers Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free & Halal?

Butterfinger candy bars have been around since the early 1920s and have been produced by various companies over the years. They are now made by Ferrara Candy Company, which acquired the brand in 2018.

But are butterfingers vegan, gluten free and halal? Let’s find out.

In this post, we’re going to examine the Butterfingers ingredients to determine if they are vegan, gluten free and halal.

But if you’re in a rush, here’s a quick answer:

Butterfingers are not vegan friendly, but they are gluten free and halal.

Keep reading to find out why Butterfingers are not considered vegan.

Let’s start with the ingredients list.

What are the ingredients in Butterfingers?

According to their website, the new butterfinger ingredients are :

  • Corn Syrup.
  • Sugar, Peanuts.
  • Vegetable Oil (Palm Kernel and Palm Oil).
  • Peanut Flour.
  • Nonfat Milk.
  • Less than 2% of Cocoa.
  • Milk.
  • Salt.
  • Soy Lecithin.
  • Natural Flavor.
  • Annatto Color.
butterfingers ingredients

Are Butterfingers vegan friendly?

NO. Butterfingers are not suitable for vegans.

Based on the ingredients we listed above, we can definitely say that Butterfingers are not considered vegan.

They contain animal derived ingredients(milk).

Are Butterfingers vegetarian?

Yes. Butterfingers are vegetarian.

The only animal derived ingredients is milk and as per the vegan definition, vegetarians are vegans that consume milk, egg and dairy products.

Butterfinger nutrition facts:

These are the nutrition facts of Butterfingers for a serving size of 1 BAR( 54g):

  • Calories per serving : 250.
  • Fat: 10g (13% Daily Value).
  • Sat Fat: 5g
  • Sodium: 160mg
  • Carb : 36g
  • Fiber : 1g
  • Sugar : 21g
  • Protein : 5g.
Butterfinger nutrition facts

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Are Butterfingers Gluten-Free?

The Original Butterfingers are gluten-free as they have no gluten-containing ingredients.

In fact most Butterfinger products are gluten-free. Only the Butterfinger Crisp is not gluten-free.

Always check the product packaging for the most current allergens information.

Are Butterfingers dairy free?

NO. Butterfingers are not dairy free.

The candy bars have milk in their ingredients list.

If you follow a dairy-free diet, Butterfingers candy bars should be avoided.

Are Butterfingers halal?

Yes. Butterfingers are halal.

They do not contain any ingredients forbidden by the Islamic Religion, and therefore they are suitable for Muslim people.


Butterfingers are not vegan as they contain animal derived ingredients.

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