Is Nicotine Gum Vegan? Nicorette Mint Gum Reviewed

Are you one of those vegan people who are trying to stop smoking cigarettes? Do you want to try this Nicotine chewing gum and wondering if it is vegan or not. If so, you’re in the right place.

In this post we’re going to discuss the Nicotine gum ingredients and see if it is suitable for vegans or not.

But first, who should use this Supplement?

Nicotine chewing gum is used for the treatment of tobacco dependence by relieving nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms thus:

  • Facilitating smoking cessation in smokers motivated to quit.
  • Helping smokers to temporarily abstain from smoking.
  • Facilitating smoking reduction in smokers unable or unwilling to quit.

As your body adjusts to less nicotine, you can gradually decrease the amount you take until you no longer need it.

The active ingredients in Nicorette is therapeutic forms of nicotine.

Nicorette Mint Gum (Nicotine polacrilex (equal to 2mg nicotine)) is made with these ingredients :

  • Acesulfame potassium.
  • Gum base.
  • Magnesium oxide.
  • Menthol.
  • Peppermint oil.
  • Sodium bicarbonate.
  • Sodium carbonate and xylitol.

Is it vegan? is Nicotine Gum Vegan? Yes. Nicotine Gum is vegan friendly. It does not contain any animal derived products. Which makes suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.



Nicotine chewing Gum is vegan friendly and vegans can use it to help them stop smoking.


Please note that we always strive to make sure the information about products is always as accurate as possible. However, because products are regularly changed, the product information, ingredients may occasionally change.

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